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Welcome to Timberline Forestry’s natural resources assistance
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Located in the scenic Northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan,
Timberline Forestry Consulting LLC offers
professional services
anywhere, worldwide
to those interested in natural resources
 management assistance.

Quick links to some of the services offered:

Natural resources & forest management plans
GPS & GIS mapping & cartography - Property boundary maintenance
Timber appraisals - Timber sales - Wildlife habitat management
Expert witness trespass assistance & boundary dispute resolution
Natural features &wildlife guiding service

The site also serves as an educational resource for those interested in forests, forest ecology and the basis for forest management , forestry terminology, and some do-it-yourself land management tips. Plus, an image gallery, videos & a resource that forester colleagues may find helpful.

If you would like further information about any of the content within the site, please feel free to contact me.

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Geoff Kegerreis
registered forester,
agricultural and natural resources consultant,
owner, and webmaster

Timberline Forestry specializes in offering a broad variety of services including forestry management, wildlife management,, natural resources consulting, and sustainable agricultural systems consulting, as well as litigation assistance and boundary dispute resolution.  Located in Northwestern lower Michigan, United States of America, Timberline Forestry offers domestic and international services to those seeking professional assistance with a dedication toward sustainability and conservation.  Landowners seeking a private Michigan forestry consultant who understands the complex processes involved in all steps of managing forests appropriately should contact me.   

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