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Interpretive forest management gallery

Red pine thinning tour:

Stand of Red pine

Red pine crown



Processor felling a tree

Processor bucking a tree

Forwarder loading logs

Third row thinning result

Single tree selection thinning result

Single tree selection result 2

Northern hardwoods thinning tour

Northern hardwoods

Marked hardwoods

Northern hardwoods crown

Northern hardwoods-No regeneration

Hardwood thinnings remove the culls

Ponsse Ergo processor

Stump marks

Precision cutting

Hardwood thinning results

Crowns after thinning

Other forest management images

General Forest images
Flora and Fungi

Skidder in bad weather

Wood chipper

Grass stage

Northern Red Oak

Inspecting for Emerald Ash Borer

Rubicon eroded soil

Wildlife image collection

Turkey nest

Turkey hen running away from nest

Ruffed grouse nest

Snapping turtle

Trees felled by beaver



Wild leek or Ramp

Bulb of leek

Blue phlox

Trout lily


Poison ivy


Marsh marigold

Pear puffball

Black morel

Bell morel

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