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The following are a partial list of links to companies and organizations which I have found helpful.

Know where you are:

Maps for general use
Topographical maps of the U.S.
Google Earth
US plant hardiness zone
Geomagnetics & declination website
Mapmaker GIS
Garmin GPS
Trimble GPS

Know when you will be there:

Precise time website

Know what the weather will be:

NOAA forecast

Know how big the waves will be:

NOAA nautical reports

Know just about anything else:


Sort truth from fiction:

Urban legends reference page

More about U.S. federal lands:

U.S.D.A. Forest service
U.S.D.O.I. Bureau of Land Management
U.S.D.O.I. National Park Service
U.S.D.O.I. Fish & Wildlife Service

Software that has made it all possible:

Microsoft Windows


Endorsed forestry associations:

Association of Consulting Foresters
Forest Stewards Guild
Michigan Forest Association

Informative forestry resources:

3P sampling procedures and research
National timber tax website
Forest History website
Forestry and sivilcultural images website
Forest Inventory and Analysis database
Ben Meadows Company
Virginia tech dendrology website
Timber prices on-line

Legal resources:

U.S. Legislature database

Michigan specific:

Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
Michigan Center for Geographic Information
Michigan legal document online resource
Michigan legislature website

Quality outdoor gear:

Leatherman tool company
Original bug shirt company
Danner Boot company
Wiggy’s sleeping bags
Lowe Alpine packs
Black Diamond shelters
Nalgene containers
Suunto navigation
Brunton navigation
Husqvarna powersaws
Panama pump company
Petzl illumination
Patagonia outdoors
Outdoor Research

Timberline Forestry favorites:

Jamaica Caves Organisation
Urban homesteading
Polyface Farms
Permaculture Research Institute
Eat ugly apples!
Whole Systems Design, LLC


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