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Why partner with Timberline Forestry for your project?

With a philosophy of using efficient methods that support natural systems and address prioritized client values, Timberline Forestry occupies a unique position in an economy of constant change.  A dedication to continuous research, understanding, and adjusting to changes in the agricultural and natural resources fields, Timberline’s business approach is a fusion of analyzing complex systems and supplying solutions based on history and innovation.

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Private client confidentiality will be
honored with the highest integrity.

Partial list of commercial clients

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What can Timberline Forestry do for you?

Planning and Mapping services
Interpretative land inspections supporting forest management and permaculture design, Michigan Qualified Forest Property plans, Michigan Commercial Forest Program plans, Master plans for sustainable development projects, Cartography/Mapping, Property boundary maintenance, Aerial and satellite photo interpretation, Ecological land typing and delineation, Area determination, GPS mapping, GPS/GIS data transfer, and GIS analysis and reporting.

Timber appraisals & sales
Forest vegetation Inventory by species, including commercial and non-commercial species, Timber appraisals, Long term plot sampling design and record maintenance, Financial and economic analysis of forest assets, Log volume estimates by species and product, Stand growth & yield projections, Timberland investment consulting, Timber sales including timber sale boundary, road layout and marking, Cut/leave tree marking, Wildlife habitat improvement, Timber sale marketing, Contract drafting, Log scaling, Project supervision, Best management practices consulting, Timber stand improvement consultation and contracting,

Trespass consultation
Boundary dispute resolution, Litigation assistance during civil and criminal legal cases, Site inspection, investigation and reporting, Inventory and valuation of vegetation, Deposition, and Expert witness testimony.

Other services
Permaculture consulting, Land navigation training, Wilderness travel preparation assistance, Forest insect damage inspection and control, Wildlife damage inspection and control, Wildlife guiding assistance,Tree removal, Tree service, Special service requests are welcomed.

Career History:

After my first semester at Michigan State University’s (MSU) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1997,  I took a job in wood procurement assistance at a sawmill in Canton, North Carolina where I trained under USMC Sgt. Earl Rayburn, a 31 year veteran of the U.S. Forest service and 15 year veteran of private forestry. Once college was back in session, I attended full time while working at two Lansing, Michigan area tree nurseries and a Christmas tree production operation.  I took one semester off and went to work under an employment contract for a sawmill in Western Montana.

                 Geoff Kegerreis


-B.Sc. degree in Forestry, from the college of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
-Studied Business, Commercial law, and Economics at Jackson College in Jackson, Michigan
-Studied Natural Sciences at Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan
-Michigan Registered Forester in good standing 5/02-present
-Formerly pre-qualified as a State of Michigan forestry services contractor.
-Michigan Forest Association (MFA) member (2005-2007 Board member & current Northwest lower peninsula Michigan chapter representative).
-Previous membership in Society of American Foresters, and Forest Steward’s Guild.
-Previously awarded for presenting to the Ohio Chapter of Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF) on private/public service interface issues.
-Previously employed by the Michigan Department of Natural resources, Forest Management division.
-Previously employed by Michigan State University in the biotechnology and molecular biology laboratory.
-Previously completed a timber appraisal for the Dept. of Acquisition services, Department of the Interior, United States Government on behalf of a real estate contractor
-Also a landowner, I have completed a timber sale on and manage my own
private land on a continuous basis.
-Positive feedback from many clients and colleagues regarding professional performance and outstanding conclusions to projects under my stewardship.
-Completed forest management projects in Michigan, New York, Ohio, North Dakota, and Tennessee.
-Assistance of non-industrial private landowners, the State of Michigan, forest product corporations, attorneys, various consulting firms, forester and wildlife biologist colleagues and more
Partial list of commercial clients,
project examples & descriptions)
 -Valid passport in possession for international projects.
- Letters of recommendation and  references from distinguished clients and colleagues available on request.


After returning to MSU from Montana, the next two years while college was in session I was employed by Michigan State University in the molecular biology laboratory assisting principal investigator Dr. Kyung-Hwan Han with research, laboratory protocol, and various other tasks supporting two biotechnology projects. During the last three years of college, I worked for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as a student assistant supporting forest and fire management.

Immediately after graduating from Michigan State University in 2001, I worked on my first consulting project that involved preparing several timber sales totaling 237 acres on State of Michigan land on behalf of a contractor who otherwise would have defaulted on their obligation.  Since that time, I have been dedicated to serving a diversity of clients with a broad array of services based on client demand.

Timberline Forestry Consulting’s dedication to conservation and statement of ethics:

Timberline Forestry Consulting LLC provides work only under the highest ethical standards.

A forester’s first duty is to the forest and its future. Since 2001, Timberline Forestry has only assisted in projects where the management directives support long term, sustainable conservation of the natural resources. Timberline Forestry does not assist clients in the liquidation of natural resources for short term financial gains, because doing so is detrimental to the economy and ecology.

I believe in being fair, honest, and ethical.  I do not intentionally participate in activities in which I am aware there is any form of conflict of interest.  My sole interest while providing management assistance is reaching client goals using guidance based on my qualifications.  On projects where the scope of work exceeds my area of expertise, I have and will continue to search the world for talent that is uniquely qualified for the project to support client goals.

I believe in providing the highest possible degree of quality in the services offered. I would prefer to serve clients that value quality higher than production, while applying efficient methods in the field and office as the primary support for conserving the project terms.

     Tenants of service:

1. Quality assessments, investigation, mapping and careful strategic considerations on all projects.
2. Proper prescriptions and treatments to conserve and/or enhance the land to meet your goals within
     the project constraints.
3. No conflicts of interest, as the fiduciary duty of Timberline Forestry is to solely support client
4. If timber sales or other actions are necessary, strategic marketing to qualified contractors
     will increase the ability to properly support the project goals.
5. Logging contract design that benefits your interests both directly and indirectly through economic
     considerations of all parties.
6. Expert direction during the logging and/or contracting operation(s) to ensure contract compliance.

Continuous research and natural resource management development on private experimental land:


In 2012, I was finally able to implement a sub-commercial timber sale on our small parcel, Hoverfly Hollow.  The sale of 583 trees involved building several hundred feet of road through difficult terrain,  installing a permanent stream crossing, the installation of 2 culverts, 3 gates, the removal of over 200 stumps via grapple skidder, and the conversion of approximately 3 acres (total) from marginal quality forest into an experimental landscape where I have conducted many trials in agriculture; soil remineralization and inoculation, cover crop trials, agri-food trials, the implementation of wildlife habitat management strategies, construction of a swale, and a number of forest management techniques which continue today. It is a small, but incredibly diverse site that is full of lessons on how to work with nature and limited modern technology to build abundance.  This resource is a quick walk from my home office and I spend my time between contractual duties and conventional research working on this land to test how manipulating landscapes and vegetation can improve the function of hydrology, recreation and the production of food and fiber. You can learn more about this continuous project by clicking here or by simply contacting me at your convenience.

Sealed bid solicitations on land management projects are ALWAYS welcomed! Please allow a 3-4 week time period between sending the document of solicitation or tender and the bid closing date.

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