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Timber Appraisals and Sales

Services listed on this page are:

Timber appraisals

Wildlife habitat improvement

Timber sales;

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*Timber sale assistance available anywhere not prohibited by law. For professional qualifications, click here.

For two Michigan timber sale project examples, click here.

Timber is one of the most financially and economically valuable natural resources on the planet.  As a real estate asset, standing timber is often the most valuable portion of rural uninhabited properties.  It can sometimes be worth more than the property value itself! Appraisals are the best protection a landowner can obtain to ensure a fair trade is made with the purchaser.

Geoff Kegerreis, nearly 6’ tall is dwarfed while standing beside a 46” Diameter breast high (DBH) Bur Oak in Defiance County, Ohio during the field operations of a timber appraisal. The timber volume was estimated using extrapolation since the volume figures in the USFS Eastern Region foresters handbook stop at 42” DBH.  Timberline Forestry has prepared and sold timber in Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.  References and letters of recommendation are available upon request.

The whole value of the trade doesn’t stop at just an appraisal of the standing timber though. 

A landowner must remember that the future timber value results only in the quality and quantity of the growth of retained trees.  Trees have both value as future timber as they grow into the product classes of sawtimber and veneer, which have a considerably higher value than do pole sized trees which are somewhat limited to pulp or boltwood in conventional markets.  They also have landscape value to potential buyers of the real estate asset.  Here in Northwestern lower Michigan, we have seen “buyer’s markets” in rural real estate over the last decade.  There are more parcels for sale than there are buyers interested in purchasing land. 

Ask yourself this question:  Would you prefer to purchase land with crooked, twisted, and malformed trees growing sparsely across the landscape with piles of wood and debris higher than your sight line left restricting access OR a parcel with well formed trees and evenly distributed debris that allows for an aesthetically pleasing view? The second option will be a market advantage during “buyer’s markets”.  Such parcels sell themselves in comparison to parcels that have been poorly managed.  Not all timber sales are created equal. Retaining value on the land makes a difference for not only landowners, but the entire country’s Gross National Product (GNP). We lose BILLIONS of dollars every year to liquidation cutting in the United States.  How we treat our land and who we choose to manage it makes a difference.

Take advantage of Timberline Forestry’s experience to help you properly manage your timber sale.  We will gladly assist you with all or part of the sale of your timber so you can conserve your forest resources, ensuring that your current timber sale revenue is appropriate, and that the right amount and type of trees are retained so that your future timber and parcel(s) will be in high demand. 

The fee of this service is usually financially beneficial for you due to the optimization of timber assets and considerations that protect your legal interests. Our clients own the finest forest lands by intentionally managing the asset appropriately. Why not add yourself to that list?

Is wildlife habitat improvement on your list of goals for your land?  Timberline Forestry has toured and helped map the Mid-Forest Lodge.  At approximately 19,000 acres of contiguous land, the Mid-Forest lodge is one of the largest and most successful hunt clubs in Michigan!

Thousands of acres owned by satisfied clients have been carefully managed to allow those landowners to witness improved White-tailed deer populations on their property.  They are experiencing the advantage of Timberline Forestry’s proven landscape-based vegetation management specifically targeted at bringing and keeping the deer on your land.  These techniques are proprietary and based on a variety of unique experience working directly with wildlife habitat biologists, deer habitat experts and through observation of method trials used within
Hoverfly hollow, our experimental multiple use demonstration property.

Timber Appraisals

This service is strongly recommended to anyone who owns forest land and is contemplating offering timber for sale, but does not know the value of the timber.
Standing timber is a valuable commodity and without a good estimate of the volume of timber offered for sale and the current market rate associated with that volume, plus the specifics of the parcel, there is a good chance a landowner will lose far more than the cost of this service to a speculator advertising “top dollar paid for standing timber”.  In many cases, even tracts as small as 10 acres contain timber values above and beyond the price of what the land would sell for on the real estate market.  When Timberline Forestry appraises your standing timber, not only will you receive an appropriate appraisal figure, you will also receive objective information pertinent to the management of the parcel so that your land is maintained appropriately.  For more information, click


Timber Sales

Conducting a timber sale properly is a complex process.  Timberline Forestry will handle all of the following services for you:

-Survey records research and documentation
-Timber sale boundary marking
-Area determination
-Individual tree marking
-Timber volume determination
-Timber valuation
-Timber sale map creation
-Drafting of the prospectus
-Drafting of the timber harvesting contract
-Sealed bid marketing (when appropriate)
-Marketing through negotiation
-Harvesting supervision oversight

Mistakes made during the timber sale process are often permanent.  In most cases in temperate forests, trees take at least 60 years to grow into the more valuable log and veneer markets.  Making wise decisions is an important aspect of managing timber!  Timberline Forestry has the experience you need to ensure that the job goes smoothly.  Timberline’s contracts have been examined and approved by an attorney known for his expertise in real estate law. Timberline’s timber harvesting contract specifications are based on both private and public sources and have been used successfully for decades.

A text example of timber sale projects is available

Check out a Red pine thinning operation video,

View my Northern hardwoods thinning video (Beech, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Red oak)

Timberline Forestry can assist you in any part of the timber sale process from start to finish, no matter where on Earth you are*.  To enlist quality assistance, click here