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Trespass assistance

Tree damage appraisal

As land parcels become subdivided into smaller parcels and the exodus from urban to rural living continues, land disputes are on the rise. Tree damage related to trespass can be a serious issue.
If you are are involved in a dispute regarding trees and are told by a law enforcement officer, attorney or insurance company representative to contact a forester for estimates, I would be happy to assist you. 

Confidentiality will be honored
with the highest integrity.

Project example available here.

The disputed property will be carefully assessed, and any damage found will be appraised using an appropriate method.  Appearances at deposition(s) and/or on the stand at court as an expert witness supporting the appraisal and assessment will be provided as necessary.

For a list of other case examples (both civil and criminal), references, curriculum viate or any other information, please contact me.


A small swath of approximately 1/5 of an acre installed without permission on private land by a power company. This resulted in a settlement of over seven thousand dollars to be paid by the company to the private landowner. Moral of the story: Donít trespass.



A drainage ditch which the property boundary closely approximated.  The land with the rocks is owned by landowner 1, the land with the stumps, landowner 2.  Landowner 2 prosecuted landowner 1 for removing approximately 60 trees, varying in size from saplings to sawtimber.  These trees were in poor shape, some of which had fallen onto landowner 1ís property.  This situation resulted in a settlement of the charges dropped, although landowner 1 paid a fee of $1000.00 to landowner 2 in addition to paying over $10,000 of fees associated with the legal defense.